14th First Annual DLF "BIG in the 90's" Bowling Tournament

To Benefit the Lesley Wheel Memorial Scholarship
  • Presented by the DLF
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Grab your pager and your roller blades, log out of that AOL chat room and join the rest of your friends Monday December 5th for the 14th First Annual DLF BIG in the 90's Bowling Tournament to benefit the Lesley Wheel Memorial Scholarship. This year's theme is "BIG in the 90's" and - as always - it's open to interpretation. Dress as your favorite boy band, Friends cast member, or simply work on being "Master of Your Domain" in a classic bowling shirt. NOT!


Spice Girls, Fresh Princes, Budweiser Frogs, Zima or Crystal Pepsi drinkers, Grunge fans, Buffy fans, Friends fans, Seinfeld fans.



XLanes LA
333 Alameda St.
Downtown Los Angeles, CA 90013
Click Here for Driving Directions

Parking - Fast, Close & Free:

Parking validation included with play.


Please RSVP by Monday, November 20