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Scholarship Information

Design Project 17

Design and build a young children’s bedside table lamp using two lamps for normal operation and “nightlight.”

Lamp Requirements

Students shall begin with (1) Medium Screw Base LED lamp and (1) 7w “nightlight” bulb (both available at Home Depot). If the exact lamp shown is not available, entrants may use any similar wattage and lumen output in the same shape.

Registration Procedure

Registration has been extended to MAY 11, 2015. There is no charge to register for the competition. NOTE: Students are required to procure (1) Medium Screw Base LED lamp and (1) candelabra screw base incandescent lamp from any manufacturer for use as the lamp for their fixture design.

The 2015 Lesley Wheel Memorial Scholarship Challenge

The Lesley Wheel Memorial Scholarship was founded to encourage students to pursue studies in lighting with a firm understanding of how to work with light. Lesley Wheel began her career in theater at Bryn Mawr College, then transitioned to architectural lighting at Hilton Hotels. Lesley was the first woman to establish a fulltime practice in architectural lighting design, she was a founding member, past president and fellow of The International Association of Lighting Designers and a fellow of the IESNA.

The Lesley Wheel Memorial Scholarship encourages students to pursue a career in lighting with a better understanding of how to manipulate light. Students must design and build a functioning fixture that meets a loose set of criteria. Fixtures are then judged on aesthetics, performance, and clarity of concept.

Additional Information

Supporting Contributions in Lesley's name may be sent to: c/o Designers Lighting Forum
PO Box 50621
Pasadena, CA 91115

Please make checks payable to DLF Scholarship Fund